“Have you made any preparation for making your retired life happy?” If you ask this question, most of the people will not be in a position to answer. I am a retired person aged 65. I was in Government service and retired from active service at the age of 60. When I look back I realize the truth that the past 5 years was the most productive period in my life. You may be wondering how? Get a 2019 AARP medicare supplement quote now.

Can you believe:-

  1. I made 5 international and 4 domestic leisure trips with my spouse during this period.
  2. I earned more than that I got as emoluments while in service
  3. Myself and my spouse had no serious health problems during the past 5 years
  4. I have improved my status and popularity in society considerably
  5. I do a lot of charity and social work
  6. I realized that I have the potential to do more

How is this possible:-

Yes, it is possible.

Now I find that the only constrain for me is time. I used to involve in various social and religious activities even when I was in employment which gave me a lot of openings after my retirement. The extra socio economic activities which I was doing while in service helped me in a big way after my retirement. I used to keep a positive attitude always, which in turn helped me to have a good mental stature which in turn improved my physical health also.

All this could be possible because of my involvement and far-sighted goals which I practiced while in service. Bur for most of the employed people their employment is there only concern and attention is their employment and they never bother to get involved in other activities. For them once they retire they are in a dilemma “What to do?’ and even if they want to do something it finally ends in failure.

So in this article I would like to share my experiences which proved to be successful in my life. Start preparing to make your retired life and old age happy. Don’t ever feel that your old age is time for brooding about your past failures, worrying too much about your health and comparing your life status with others. This is the period to be more productive. No body to boss, you are the ultimate decision maker, no need to answer anybody. The entire time is at your disposal. So shred all your lethargy and laziness. No doubt you will be able to do wonders even in your old age.