Medicare advantage plans as can be denoted from the name ‘supplements’ are used to complement other medical covers that one may have. Due to this reason, you cannot have a medical advantage cover only and you have to have other medical insurance covers that you will use together with the plans.

This plan does not cover the costs associated with purchasing prescription drugs. As a result, you have to undertake another Medicare prescription drugs plan to help you in purchasing medications. The Medicare prescriptions plan will advantage the other plan as the advantage plan will cover other medical costs while you will be able to purchase drugs with the other cover.


You have to be cautious when choosing which medical cover will supplement your medical advantage plan. This is due to the fact that a plan like the Medicare advantage plan (Plan C) does not go hand in hand with the advantage plans. If you purchase a policy for the advantage plans, you may not be able to use your Medicare Advantage plan cover to pay for the costs. The only time you can use the two together is if you have trial rights to the Medicare advantage plan. This will give you a time span of which you can use the two together and after expiry, you have to choose one of the plans. You therefore have to make sure that the medical cover you want to use with your advantage plan is an original Medicare cover.

The way that these plans complement each other is really simple. If you have an original Medicare cover and a advantage plan, your medical costs will first be paid by the original Medicare cover and the remaining costs will be cleared by the advantage plan. For example, if you have an original cover that covers Part B deductible and you have a medical bill of $4000, the Original Medicare cover will pay first 80% of this cost and the remaining $800 will be catered for by the Medicare advantage plan. This is because of the copayments and coinsurance acts of the plan.

Having a Medicare advantage plan is hence very crucial and important because it will spare you the trouble of having to pay additional costs that your original Medicare cover may not cater for. For every medical insurance policy holder, the Medicare advantage plan is the ideal solution to medical bills.